Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good Hair

I just saw the Chris Rock documentary - Good Hair. It details of how obsessed black people - especially black women - are in having long, straight hair.

Weaves, relaxed hair, straightened hair, blablabla. All through painful, costly and sometimes dangerous processes.

Did you know that the chemical used to 'relax' hair can dissolve an aluminum can? Yep.

That 20% of the US population buy 80% of the hair products? And that 80% of hair products are manufactured for black people?

Personally, I just don't get it. Why would I want to fuck a woman, if I can't touch/lick everything on her body?

Anyone who can't take a shower with me can go fuck yourself.

What's wrong with an afro?

When I spoke to women about it, they started blaming men. When I talk to men about it, they start blaming women. That, or big corporations. Or the media.

What kind of ignorant bullshit is this?

When you talk about something that might seem wrong (I'm not saying it is), most people seem to need to start blaming other people.



I'm finishing something. Be back later. Oh, I got an SMS today, saying that one of my movies is sold to 25 countries already. Cool beans!