Friday, February 5, 2010

Tales from the Drunk Side: Anarchy in the Pewkay

I am a great sympathiser to the great anarchy philosophies. None of the anarchy movements, because all anarchy movements get tangled up in the focus of anarchy as actions.

Like throwing Molotov cokctails and smashing windows. That's not anarchy. That's destruction. The greatest form of destruction, the greatest effect, can only be achieved when it is organised.

The oposite of order is not anarchy. It is chaos. Anarchy and chaos are as different as the Sunni and the Shiite are different. Which means very different.

My belief in chaos is the ideal translated as, "without leaders". Not "without order".

This was all captured beautifully in Alan Moore's masterpiece V for Vendetta, which was bastardised by the Wachowski Sisters who did not comprehend what the work was all about, or simply took a different interpretation.

So don't watch the movie. Read the comic book.

In a world without leaders, there is order - voluntary order. Which means that everyone leads their own lives and govern their own actions.

Since it is an ideal, and though ideas are bulletproof, it is not really achievable.

I believe that people can decide for themselves the right amount of smut they want to generate and/or receive. That they are smart enough, individually, to determine what kind of slant or bias they want in their view of the world.

I believe that everyone has an opinion already, and do not really need other people's opinions as a guding light to anything. What people need is simply information. Some demonstrations, perhaps, as to how to view things - more as reminders and examples rather than doctrine.

I do not believe in control, by anything or anyone.

A system focused on leaders would beget politics, and as we have seen, politics and politicians have failed us on numerous times before. We decree and perhaps, surprisingly, agree as a society that politicians are stupid.

Take Bush - pure Spiritual Quotient, and no IQ or EQ. How can someone so fucking dumb in so many areas rise to the top of the world and became the most powerful global leader?

How? Because while he did not appeal to people's intelligence or even emotional maturity - he went after belief. He knows sentiment and how to play most people like a musical instrument.

Bush is an example of how faith and belief can lead to great disaster and cruelty.

The days when we can rely on one person to save us all, or one person to blame for anything and everything, are numbered.

With the scientific and technological advancement we have achieved as a species, every small step, have paved a road for all to have a bigger stake and a more powerful voice in shaping the world around us.

I believe that mankind is now poised, on the brink of eradicating politics and politicians.

For perhaps the first time in history, humans can have more say in what happens around them.

A natural democracy.

This democracy, is being incubated in chatrooms and blogs and Facebook and Twitter and QQ and social networking sites.

They are in SecondLife and WoW and KoL and RO and Maple Story. Sorority Life and Superhero City, Farmville and Restaurant City.

My father's generation had the Second World War. My brother had Vietnam and the sexual, cultural and civil rights movements. WOmen's suffrage.

For my generation, we are the midwives of the techno-spiritual democratic radicalism that could make or break the world. And we're also quite grandiose, and self-important about it.

If your company is not part of this, then it will die. If you are not part of it, watch and be helpless as your world is re-written around you as if you were in The Matrix.

Everyone can now assert reality. WIthin their sphere of influence, anything can be anything.

For years, I experimented with seeding ideas into people's minds and watch them grow. Ideas so ludicrous, but are no longer considered improbable.

I am not a God, merely a snowflake in a giant blizzard.

Self-awareness is peaking. More and more people realise every day that the world is what you make of it. This is the core of most religion, spiritual traditions and quantum physics.

If you believe that the world is bad, then it will be bad for you. If you believe that the world is great, or horny, then so shall it be.

Methods - the all-important hows - will become apparent as times goes by. All we have to care about, most of the time, are the whats and the whys.

I do not know what the final form will look like. I do not know exactly how. Or when, or where. However, I do know that one thing has not changed from the beginning. It is people who will determine how the world is and will be. Only this time, a lot more people will get a say.

Choose your weapons. No, tools.

Mine are information and perception. I have always had a keen sense of information flow. I know perception and opinion like I know the hairs on my ass.

I know where it is heading, whether we are on board or not.

End of the day, like in another Alan Moore masterpiece, Watchmen (also bastardised, but not so), it's all up to you.

I will do my best to make it happen. You do yours.