Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Knowledge-Based Ego

Ever notice, when you are telling people something they may not know, a sense of pride sometimes creeps in? For a brief moment, you feel superior to the person who do not know. And sometimes, for some people, being told news they did not know makes them feel a bit inadequate?

Or when you hear some idiot you just educated, saying, "Oh, I knew that already! I know everything!"

This, my friends, is the ego. The festering, cancerous tumour that envelops the soul, making it as dark and stupid as their mother's vaginal canal from which they came.

How do you react to all this bullshit? Don't. Leave them be. To die. To suffer and kill each other. I have seen egos consume each other. Habitual backstabbers and cannibals will eat each other up like Ouroborous, the serpent who eats its own tail.

In other words, fuck off and die.

Meanwhile, I am so fucking smart. I have just repaired my own PC. I am the greatest this universe has ever seen. I am the greatest under heaven, and above heaven, and in heaven.

No ego is bigger than my ego.

I do not need to be told that I am right. I need not be proven right. I KNOW I am right.