Monday, February 1, 2010

Eywa Has Heard You!

My heart, and my cup is full.

Maybe it's the feeling of one with the universe, or maybe it's the overdose of benadryl I just had. I love benadryl.

I smoked five cigarettes. My parents are okay. They're old, so they're sick. It happens. My father was suppoed to get a medal from the Sultan of Pahang this year, but he is sick, so he will not make the journey to the palace.

A friend came to visit me, with his entire family, and decided to treat me to dinner at a mid-range cafe.

It was nothing much, but for people like my friend, who makes around 2K, has a family to take care of, a house to build, a car he just bought, etc, there were better things to do with his scant resources than spend RM100 on me.

I almost felt guilty. But I guess he was doing it as much for himself as he was for me.

I watched Avatar five times. On three of those times, I was almost moved to tears on one scene.

When Neytiri raises her arms and cries out, "Eywa has heard you!"

I am from the school of thought that if I did things right, no one would ever know I did anything at all.

I apply that to most things in life. It is extremely hard to explain to idiots and people who believe in garish prancing around, yelling and screaming like little children about the very small things they do. Trying to make it bigger.

My craft, if I do it right, is an invisible one.

So, when Neytiri raises her right arm and her bow, crying out, "Eywa has heard you!"

That was appreciation from GOD. Divine applause. Approval. And though I have made peace with the fact that approval means nothing, it is nice to have that once in a while.

To anyone getting honoured today, I wish that Eywa has heard you. And continues to.