Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random House

I have refrained from making butt jokes about Anwar, or making him the butt of jokes. For several reasons:

1. Anwar is no longer funny. He's boring. Old news. So the man gets caught/accused of buttfucking every 10 years.


Cry me a fucking river.

Now, YoRais, that's the HOT, IN-THING at the moment, yo!

2. People are self-centered. I am people. Therefore, I am self-centered. Not as self-centered to the extent of cutting in line like some mildly well-dressed assturd monkeyfuckers (pin-striped shirt) at the mamak shop at 3-2 Square, during lunch today.

Cut my queue again tomorrow, and I am going to eat your children.

Not even as self-centered as the sow and piglet at Midvalley Megamall this morning - a mother-daughter team of queue-cutters at the taxi stand, North Court, on whom I unleashed a tirade of profanity which caused the girl to cry.


But still, I only care about myself, so fuck Anwar. Figuratively.

3. I am getting angry. Angrier and angrier. ANGRY!