Saturday, February 6, 2010

House of M: Death of the Messiah

When blogging first came into prominence in Malaysia, some media people tried to harness it by putting stock into personalities who exist online.

They believe that by tapping into brands (read: identities) who are popular, they can also ride on their integrity and sell more stuff. Shampoo, perhaps.

Well, that worked beautifully, for about five hours. Well people realised that nothing about any of these Internet personalities make them any more special than you or me - I mean, anyone can start a blog or a website or start posting on FB and Twitter - that was it. The game was up.

Anyone can publish their own thoughts. And what was once an exclusive club for newspaper people and TV moguls and marketing gurus became the common field for everyone.

Everyone can have a blog. Everyone can have a say. Which means something like, in the Marvel or DC Universe, everyone has superpowers.

For centuries, humans have been a tradition of messiahs - cults of personalities. Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Churchill, Hitler, Pressley, Kennedy, Bush, Obama, Cullen, Neytiri.

Everything revolved around great men. And very few great women.

At the focus, is the individual. And forever more, the focus will be on the individual. However, the messiah tradition is soon to phase out. It will never die, but it will lose its impact.

Is anyone still as naive to wait for one person to come and save everyone?

Is it like a movie trailer?

In a world, where everyone is going to die, ONE MAN has the answer to immortality.

Does anyone still buy this bullshit?

In a time, when no one knows what will happen after we die, ONE MAN knows. Possessing mental powers all of us do not, he is really cool. And ANGRY!

No great work is ever the work of one man. Or woman. It is always a group.

We are becoming more connected, meaning that the individual will indeed become less and submerged within a collective hive-mind.

I am a fierce individualist. However, my utopia is a world where I do not have to be an individual.

Figures. Personalities. Will all make way to the collective hive mind, buzzing independent thoughts and actions, but functioning and synergising as a complete whole.

We are already well on our way. We buy the same, trendy, clothes. Listen to the same, popular music, watch the same, trendy shows. We connect to other people through a shared experience.

This will all evolve to a collective consciousness that is the sum of all its parts.

After that, we will all transform into Vorlorns and escape this plane of existence.