Wednesday, August 28, 2013

X-cutioner's Song

You won't believe what I am doing, what I was offered to do, what I turned down and what I am currently working on.

I have become a machine, an automaton. I am proud of myself that I have managed to set aside any and all emotion, to focus on ruthless aggression - a trait that will make me WWE Champion in no time.

I mean, seriously, I have cast aside everything with only one goal in mind. No emotion, no ego, opinions or whatever human.  I have become more machine than man.

How else could I explain the fact that the more energy I use up, the calmer I become. I do not whine, I do not complain, I don't even care about whatever the fuck.

One thing. Just one thing. I imagine it as a mountain, as Neil Gaiman said we should. My goal is a mountain. Every single decision I make, everything I do, I ask myself one simple question: does this get me closer to the mountain, or take me further away?

I am not afraid to heap on more responsibilities, or even cut off anything holding me back. I move, and the universe moves with me.

I am the executor. En taro Adun.