Thursday, August 1, 2013

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Three years ago, somebody called Chetz uploaded a video about her celebrating Hari Raya with her dogs. Chetz is a Muslim dog trainer, which is something like a Buddhist Terrorist or a realist dreamer.

The video's  message is a positive one - we should celebrate and open ourselves to all, regardless of breed, creed, race or colour - even species.

Today, she was hauled in for questioning by the police. Cue outrage from some quarters. I don't agree with the outrage, not really, but I understand.

Apparently, the dog lady's video is deemed by some to be offensive. I don't agree with this, but I understand.

The thing is, we all live in different Malaysias. The latest GE showed even a gap in ideology and thinking between demographics in different areas.

The religion thing has been extremely divisive and different people live in different realities. There are people - lots of them - who would prefer it if we were to pretend we are an Islamic country. Some are still calling for a real Islamic nation of domination, hudud and all. Others would prefer we call ourselves and act as what we are selling to the rest of the world - a secular state.

The truth is, we exist in all those states at different levels. Apostasy is frowned upon - frowned upon hard - and deviant teachings of Islam are busted like a whore's vagina during the trial run. However, there are pockets of Shiite and Wahabbiism, even some weird cults and a healthy population of atheists and agnostics amongst the Malays. These are tolerated, as long as they don't make a scene. The problem is when these sects and teachings rear their heads from the shadows and start bellowing stuff.

The religion of Islam is used by political parties to keep everyone in the same demographics they can target with their propaganda, to ensure their power base, with which to get power and hence money. All this hoo-haa, which seeps into education, finances, economics, law - everything in this country - is simply so that some people - a small group - can exert rules and parameters with which to pitch their political bullshit. These people are called politicians.

You see, mass social control is never about the people, God or heaven. It is always about money.

If people are so concerned with the well-being of their fellow man (or woman) - as preached by all religions -  there would be no inflicting of pain, persecution, lying or manipulation. There would simply be love and acceptance, niceness all around.

But "the world is not nice." - Blade. The world is not filled with love or acceptance. That comes from very few individuals, but not from the world.

It is the all-dancing, all-singing crap of the world. Leeching us of money and time and energy.

I am glad that this is happening, really. There is now a chance for addressing our quantum state of bullshit. But as with every other landmark whatever - Lina Joy, Revathi, Indira Gandhi, I believe Chetz's case will be swept under the carpet and within a few days, Malaysians who were so incensed with the whole shebang would move on to other things.

Nobody gives a damn about Revathi. Even if they throw Chetz into a pound somewhere, nobody cares.

But one day, when all this bullshit has piled on high enough, everyone will be choked by the smell. And they will look up to me, and they will yell  "Save us!" and I will look down and whisper, "No."