Monday, August 12, 2013

Game of Raya

If you ask me what Hari Raya is like with my family, I think I should show you this:

For example, there has been word being thrown around that I am evil. Some people are taking all the credit for everything and making up stories about me. This is due to some crazy revenge plot resulting from a traumatised ego and rewriting of history - lying - and since I do not stand for lies, some try to eliminate me.

I am also not that useful for most family members since I cannot be manipulated into believing lies or doing their stupid bidding. It is actually the same with most families, but they usually accept, adapt and promote falsehood. Being fake is a family thing. The only credit I give to my clan is that we do not hide our aggression.

I am not here to dispel any rumours that I am evil. In fact, here I am on a normal day:

In all honesty, I want them to pull off some shit. I want them to betray me, so I could add to the number of people I don't give a fuck about.

I have made arrangements for my death, my funeral and my grave. I wish to only have a tombstone with this inscription on it:

Amir Hafizi

This is all done so I would not have lies told on my grave.