Sunday, August 4, 2013

R Truth

Around eight years ago or thereabouts, I was a young journalist working the performing arts beat under the entertainment section. I asked one of the personalities of the scene, "Why do you continue making these things? These 'art' things?"

He flustered and fumbled and at first tried to chide me for my question - a sure sign I have asked a good question - and came up with a forgettable answer. I don't think he knows any good reason.

I have been in this business for 10 years. I have seen some things and I have my own answers now - wanking purposes - but I believe that the creative medium is extremely important. As important as education. Because it speaks directly to the person and influences society at a more basic, deeper level.

We have to watch what we say - especially on a public platform, even the often-dismissed artistic one - because those in power only want certain narratives to flow. It is in the best interest of some people - sometimes in the best interest of all - for only one side of the truth to be presented. So most people would mostly be thinking in one way.

If the creative medium is not important, then why do we have censorship? Why are there regulations and rules if it is insignificant? No. Governments, authorities place so much of their resources on this because they are afraid one poem, one movie, one article or one song could change everything - perhaps for the better, or maybe for worse. I do not seek to judge.

The problem with the creative medium is more often than not, the people in it are much too self-important and self-centered to be effective in any large way.

In fact, I am extremely uninterested in political motivations behind creative work. I believe people who infuse their work with political bullshit are merely tainting their work with unnecessary excrement.

I have given up on politics having any positive impact on the country and/or its people. I believe Pakatan Rakyat will take over Malaysia in my lifetime and those idiots who believe things will change will be either disappointed or fall into a delusional state of mind when things stay the same. 

Politics and elections only determine who gets to steal more money. It is not for the purpose of forwarding civilisation or facilitating evolution. It is completely useless except for the people who know how to manipulate the system. Most think they do, but after seeing the masters do it, I believe most of you overestimate your intelligence, skill and luck.

No. If the creative medium holds any worth or value as an impactful channel, it will and should be social. This is the one thing Dr M failed to do - change/improve the mindset of Malaysians. 

While a giant in pragmatism and foresight, Dr M neglected the creative medium. In his 22 years, he wrote one poem - a decent one which does not follow any structure - and his ass-kissers treat it as if the old man invented poetry.

I believe that the key to improving society is to encourage as many voices as possible to share their ideas and opinions. Which is why I am enjoying the Information Age. Technological advancement also means more and more people from all manner of financial abilities have the means to create and distribute their work.

Censorship is a bane and a nuisance, as I believe the answer to a voice or an idea you do not agree with is not arrests or lawsuits, but rather another voice or idea going against the offending one.

This fact is forgotten by both sides of the political divide. DAP has banned reporters. The BN Gov are arresting people for what they say. Politicians on both sides have sued reporters. And yet behind closed doors, these same politicians kiss and fuck each other in the ass. Yes, they all have congress through their anuses because they are in cahoots.

The great lie we see politicians play out every day is EXACTLY the same as professional wrestling. With all the power BN has, I wonder why they have never killed Anwar Ibrahim's entire family. In 1998. That's what I would have done, if I was in power.

No. They are all friends and they are cheating us of our money. In pro-wrestling, this is called kayfabe. Remember it well.

Anyway, I am writing this because I am about to embark on another adventure in the creative medium and the next phase starts tomorrow. Hopefully, I can send it to Chee before I go back to Kuantan for Raya.