Sunday, August 18, 2013


Assaulted by news of husbands physically assaulting wives and assault rifles being sold in Malaysia for a song on Facebook, I turn to that ubiquitous question - what drives people to do what they do?

In essence, all humans are animals, with the exception of the homo-sapiens superior (the mixed race). As animals, they are always trying to make themselves look better or more appealing to the opposite sex. Yes, the drive for animals is sex.

And sex is just the tip. Sex is a symptom, an indicator, a CPI. Sex is really just one of the manifestations of the very human need to be noticed, to exert influence, to matter. Sex is just a major way in which humans establish their existence. It is a means to establish their ego.

Physically attractive people, such as myself, concern with beautifying our image. Those of lesser gifts - or ugly people - employ a myriad of tricks such as screaming and yelling, flailing their arms about, or try to establish their mental or moral superiority.

This need to establish one's existence is chronic and ultimately incurable. In layman's terms, these people have holes in their souls which they continuously try to fill with stuff, without realising the futility of filling in a hole with a hole in it, or a four-dimensional moebius colon like in Futurama.

Oh well. I have lots to do in order to beautify my bank account.