Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Whatever I Do is Art

I am nursing a bad case of bronchitis, when I discovered yesterday that everything I do is motherfucking art.

I watched So You Think You Can Dance and I finally realised that everything I have ever written in my life, is motherfucking art.

My writing has transcended the form and is now hoity-toity art. EXPENSIVE hoity-toity art. So, no more freebies, brosephs. I'm charging an arm and a leg for anything and everything I do.

I'm serious. I won't do no stupid ass jobs for pittance no more. I'm like, a fancy French hooker, who charges you real money for handjobs.

I am an artist. WIthout the 'e'. Which is more expensive than an artiste with the 'e', which is more like, fake artist.

Now, if I can just recover from this bronchitis, I can start charging premium for my art, which is everything I do.