Monday, May 9, 2011

Henshin! Shining Keyboard Attack!

I was sick as a dog two weeks ago, so I celebrated getting better yesterday by getting a new Blackberry Battery, a new toilet seat, and a backlit keyboard.

Here's the keyboard:

As for the Blackberry battery, well, it looks like a Blackberry battery and the toilet seat is a RM14 purchase from Ace Hardware.

I run through a keyboard a month because I keep eroding the paint/sticker away with my keystrokes. I hope that this keyboard, which puts its letters there via a coating process, can last me at least 4 months.

Not as good as laser-etched, but good enough I hope.

Plus, it's really cool. And cheap. This one is RM89 at All IT Hyperstore at The Curve. There are other brands at RM270++ and above. And yes, I have seen the RM2K aluminum, etched, backlit keyboards as well as the keyboard where it's all a display monitor, but this low-tech solution works for my needs.

Oh, and yesterday, I saw some giant lizards down Midvalley Megamall's drain/river thing. Lizards as big as crocodiles.

Fucking crazy, man! They come out during the heat.

Oh well. I just met a deadline and submitted my shit. Am off to bed now. And leave my SHINING FINGER! Keyboard here.