Sunday, May 22, 2011

On the Wagon

I quit smoking around a month ago. Since then, I have switched from being an insomniac to a narcoleptic. I could just lie down anywhere, and I'd fall asleep.

Which is neither good nor bad. I am getting more sleep, yes, but it is not really good in the middle of Hurricane Deadline.

I got a movie to write, a book, a novel, a 13 episode TV series, a few documentaries in the works, my teaching job and a few other things I might just say no to.

My time has now become more valuable than ever. This is yet another reason for me to shut the doors for anything that is a waste of my time.

DO NOT fucking waste my time. I am not smoking anymore, so even with my superior New Age powers to calm me down, I can rape your ancestors. In the face.

Seriously, do I go to where you work and knock your mother's dick from your mouth? (taken from the comic book Powers, by Bendis and Oeming)

So unless you're making me insanely rich, save me the trouble and go fuck yourself.