Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beaching (Also: Beached Whales, Beach Buttocks, And other Puns and Whatever the Fuck)


I just got back from spending the day at Sepang Gold Coast for a Selangorlicious Beach Party event.

I went alone, as no one I invited was available. I prefer travelling alone, though, as it means I am free to do anything. Like farting.

Since I got some inside info that the attendees would be treated by no less than FIVE restaurants by the beach, I decided to only eat crackers the whole day. This meant crackers for breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, mid-afternoon tea and tea. Though for tea, I decided to try out Sepang Gold Coast's Golden Palm Tree Cafe.

This was because we would be allowed to eat around 7++pm, and we had reached there around 5++ - a full 2 hours!

So I settled on two eggs and a toated ciabatta or a toasted flattened watery English dinner bread, which was great, by the way.

After the initial speeches and whatever, the feast started.


Fresh water prawns, mantiss prawns, tiger prawns, prawn dim sum, prawn wantan, mini-lobsters (?), bamboo lala, steamboat, crabs - steamed, curried, boiled, crab fritters, crab balls, etc.

Onion rings, roti canai, roti bom, murtabak, roasted chicken, laksa, various types of rice, bread, whatever you can imagine, though no Siput Sedut, of course.

There were performances by Black Dragon and an orang asli group. It would be great to pen down their folk tales and do contemporary comic books based on them, one day.

It was a fantastic marathon. Ruhayat X, who started the Selangorlicious initiative, working with Tourism Selangor, should run for office. I'd vote him as President of Selangor. Kondom Konkrit for 2011!

Adam, Izat, Dian, and the nameless multitude of people. Tourism Selangor, everyone at the resort and the cooks and chefs - all made sure the event ran smoothly.

I did get hold of one walkie-talkie that was left lying around, though.

Unfortunately, my repeated prompts "Red Five, this is Red Leader..." didn't catch anyone.

Anyway, I made sure that I didn't fill my stomach to the brim, to ensure safe passage home.

So when I got to Amcorp mall at 11.30pm, I went for a late night Root Beer Float. It's been around two years since I had it.

All in all, a feast worthy of a king. Or a King of Kings.

* The day also saw three people being awarded prizes for best pictures. And the bloggers who post a report on the activities at the Beach Party stand to win prizes.
As I am affiliated with the Selangorlicious judging panel, I do not want to be involved in that competition. Plus this is just a thing I write about my day, without even properly naming the 5 restaurants and reviewing which dish was the best and stuff.

ANyway, great job, guys! Here's to more Selangorlicious! events in future years, whether Selangor is under BN or PR! Let's kick racism and politics out of food.