Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I am still reeling from the after-effects of the latest bronchitis bout. I am at 90% for the past week, since my voice is not yet fully there.

My quitting smoking - the unexpected silver lining of this thing - seems pretty much permanent. Using my New Age Powers such as heat vision and shooting thunderballs from my ass has really helped in ending this addiction.

My lungs, though, constantly need to cough out tar and other brown things.

I have also restarted my work. I have a movie to do, and a novel which takes precedence now. There are others, and those are for later, because I don't know if the people are serious or not. In freelance, you never count anything as granted before signing the contract.

I mean, if I count ALL my other unconfirmed projects, I am set to make US$400 million this year. Which is totally unreliastic, of course.

It is slowly picking up its pace, and I hope to be able to deliver everything without relying on a single stick of cigarette.

Oh well. Time to shut up and do some work.