Tuesday, May 3, 2011

To Speak Ill

It is very difficult for me to explain to some people that I am sick. In my eight years working in the media, I have hidden my illnesses and sometimes powered through fevers, flus and at one point kidney stones.

I am currently sick and I am fortunate to be working with people who do understand that during recovery, I would not be able to meet their snap deadlines.

To further illustrate the kind of illness that incapacitates me, I have been coughing out blood for the past few days. And every time I get into a coughing fit, I cough out pus from my lungs.

This is because my upper respiratory tract has been infected. It is the result of my three-pack a day smoking habit.

Now, while I pay the price, it means that I do not smoke and take medication that cause drowsiness. I limit my trips to the outside world because it exposes my lungs to more bacteria and air-conditioned places.

I am sure I am not the only person in the world to get bronchitis, but to me it is a very debilitating disease and quite annoying.

I have also lost my voice and won't be entering any singing competitions in the near future.

I am not one of those liars who pretend to be sick and take off days or avoid anything. When I say I am sick, I am really sick.

And without cigarettes, you best not be on my bad side.