Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vagabond: Infection

I fought a flu around a week back. First came the fever, which was defeated in two hours. Then the cold, which was gone in a day or two. What remains, is the coughing.

A few years back, I was diagnosed with acute bronchitis and the doctors told me that for as long as I smoked, I will infect my lungs periodically.

This last week, I have stopped smoking, as I find myself waking up in the middle of the night in heaving fits of coughing, just to expel chunks of yellow-green phlegm.

Coughing fits often start at nightfall, and I fare worse in air-conditined areas and spaces.

Coffee and tea are no-no as they irritate the throat. I am relying on soup as well as 'brothy' noodles to ensure that I get enough liquid. With my nose-blowing actions in an attempt to clear my lungs, I often find myself dehydrated.

I cannot take fast-food anymore and is relying on a more healthful diet as it makes me feel healthy and thus helps in the fight against bronchitis.

I still have work to do, though. Tonight, I need to complete a script which underwent a complete overhaul once the core interview was redone.

I am feeling better and I hope that tonight, I can commit myself to finishing this one script. The flow is there, maybe just a bit more detailing and making the thing 100% accurate to a T.

For this, I need some Nando's.