Friday, April 1, 2011

Village People: The Clitoris

Today, or rather yesterday, I managed something I thought couldn't be done - find a foundation for the project I'm working on.

I really thought I had to go guerilla on this shit, you know? I've approached about 10 or 12 foundations and organisations as well as ministries to get behind the project. It is vital, because I don't want to start any fund-raising activities without a legit body behind it.

A tough time explaining to donors is one thing - because I don't want them to just rely on their trust of me, but also a proven system.

Also, I want to start working with some foundations, because the housing project for the poorest family in my village is just a start.

There are currently some under-utilised funds in the Government itself, aimed at alleviating poverty, but the poor are too disorganised - more so than even disorganised me - as they are scrambling to put food on the table to even think of ways of ending their cycle of poverty.

I've been lucky, cause even though I grew up just a few feet from their houses, I got the resources and the opportunities to get myself out of the swamp. These people, have much less.

If my businesses take off, and I don't have to worry about money, I will be spending my time trying to create ways for these people to make money on their own.

There are ways - agriculture, cottage industries, the works. And rather than yelling at politicians to do something, I believe that it is the responsibility of each and every person to ensure that everyone is cared for.

Politicians are just people, and a lot of them have proven to be very human all these years. I think it is foolish to put all our hopes on them.

I believe that we can make a lasting difference with bypassing a lot of the bullshit and creating great stuff on our own.

Fuck the bullshit, man. Fucking do it, all right?

Knowing that neither you nor anyone else is the center of the universe, is a start. I believe that not looking up nor down on anyone - but taking a look around and what can be done - is the way to go.

Oh well. We shall see.