Sunday, April 10, 2011

Vagabond: The Vagaries of Life

I am writing a screenplay for a very difficult movie, when all I want to write right now is a BM novel. It (the film) has stumped me for two weeks.

I started today, redoing Scene 16. I am now at Scene 50. In my head, I know how I want the movie to turn out. But between my head and the actual screening, are months of production work, rehearsals and meetings.

My task is not simply to have ideas, but to be able to communicate them effectively. I see several long meetings in the horizon.

I don't have a muse, unless you count porn and comic books. However, the comic books vital for the film are not with me. Small matter. It will test my mettle and what I have learned, to do this properly.

After three tries, I think I am getting the hang of writing screenplays and anticipating how directors work with the material at hand.

Still, this is by far the hardest movie I have worked on. After concluding the final part of the story tonight, I will spend most of tomorrow's allotted time for this project, polishing up everything.

Meanwhile, the novel will have to wait as I have prioritised three deadlines this weekend and damn me to hell if I can't finish all of them.

But the characters in the novel are yearning to be let out. Straining against whatever.

I feel like such a fucking artist. Without the 'e'.