Saturday, May 2, 2009

Run With RPK

PR said, Walk With RPK.

Then, RPK ran.

See RPK run.

Run, bitch, run!

Yeah, I know it's old news. Fuck your mother.

My sympathies are with RPK. He should run. If he loves his ass.

Mr "Imma die after two or three days in jail."

Judith Miller got more balls than this guy. She stayed in the can for 82 days.

Saying you're not afraid of death, but is afraid of gettin' arrested is like saying "I'm not afraid of HELL! Bring it on! Hellfire and Brimstone! Oops! No, man, I got burned on this pilot light on my gas stove. I guess you idiots have to go die yourselves. Sorry!"



Anyway, that being said, I agree with him. And support his endeavour to run away as far as he can.

So, I'm starting a campaign: RUN WITH RPK. Let's all of us who sympathise with the plight of this man to go and run away as well.

Go, man, go!