Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Return of Optimus Prime

Ain't nothin' gonna stop me now, bitch.

Imma grab on my balls and say hell yeah, motherfucker!

Oh yeah. Who the man? Who the man?

Other fuckers say dem heroes. Dey willin' ta die and shit. And then they fuckin' tuck tail and fucking run away.

Not me, bastids!

When I was small, all I wanted was just to be a millionaire so I could leave all-a-yous alone here in this stupid shit cunt-ry.

But you din'nt. And look now where we at, motherfucker? Look where we at?


Well, you made the bed, and that bed's name is AMIR HAFIZI. Sleep in my hole now, bitches! So yous all fucked up now, bitches!


I'm the smartest motherfucker I know. In psycho-history.

In case you forgot, or fell off, I'm still hot, knock your shell off.

Everyone wishin' they could run with my division but they gone fishin'.

Ain't no way you breakin' me kid, I'm harder than nails. I keep it all locked like I'm part of the jail.

Cena, yo!

Ya ain't got no chance, motherfucker.

Ya's all gonna die, thas what joo gonna do. Kiss my ass, eat my shit. Whoops! Shoulda said poo!

Superman II, yo! I got the last remnant of Pimpton.