Friday, May 1, 2009

Tripping the Light Fantastick

There is so much anger in me, I felt like I've been RAPED! In the FACE!

It all started with the KFC dream, where the KFC in my dreams decided to make it difficult for me to buy any of the combos to feed my extended family.

So I woke up and went for dinner, angrily.

I asked for chrysanthemum tea, to soothe my anger. The waiter brought lemon tea! What the fuck!


Inside my head, little men jump up and down platforms and go into pipes and swing on vines. And collect fake cash.

Me: Dik!

Waiter: Yes?

Me: I ordered chrysanthemum tea, not HOT LEMON TEA! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

My anger has not been soothed. But it is not the waiter's fault. It is obviously the lack of training in the service business in Malaysia. F&B is primarily service.

So I went and had coffee with a friend. We ordered two drinks, but the consistency of one of them - vanilla latte - is different than my own caramel macchiato.

I didn't see a tray, so I carried both with my hands. The macchiato is thicker than the latte, so I keep spilling the fucking latte.

Again, I am angry! ANGRY!

Inside my head, characters fuck each other and have children, and are possessed by alternate selves and live in a soulless world.

A bit stressed out, which is a normal condition for me. I have two scripts to finish this weekend, and a few projects to draw outlines. One of them being the online card game I've been thinking about.