Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Like Summer Tempests Came His Tears

Just got home from back-to-back meetings. At 8.27am. After 12 hours. Yes, I haven't slept yet.

It all started at 8.30pm last night, when I was in a cab to get to a meeting, and was told that the guy won't be there and that I had to wait till 10pm till he comes back.

I was already in a cab, as I always try to leave home AT LEAST 30 minutes before a meeting. Usually, it's an hour.

I don't like to break promises. You break one promise, and it trickles down and breaks more of other people's promises and in the end, more suffer. People who break promises intentionally, or for fucks, will one day die from six-foot aliens exiting their assholes.

So, I'm not late. Whoop dee doo.

I stayed at a mamak stall and read the papers.

10.18pm, the guy arrived and picked me up.

We had our meeting and then, at 10.40pm, had another meeting with some people from TV.

The meeting lasted till 3.30am.

After which, I decided to have a sit down and throw ideas. While I work on a script for a 12 noon meeting today.

There are not many people in this universe who can be in my wavelength. Actually, there are none. Everyone has their own personal frequency.

To get ideas across, I need to first understand my audience. Understand their form of communication.

So, if I were to choose my form of communication that has obscure references to rare 90s anime like, say, "They Were 11", or the most sexually violent and gruesome anime ever created by mankind - Violence Jack - people wouldn't get it, would they?

I, and only I will get the in-jokes. This is what Malaysians call 'syok sendiri'. You are excited about it, but no one understands a word you are saying. Doesn't matter how clever it is. And I am very clever.

"And how is it working for you, being clever?"

Who is Tyler Durden?

Our discussion ranged from how we disagree on sex being the ultimate motivation for mankind to marketing pillars and psychology.

I was of the opinion that if sex is mankind's ultimate goal, then we are no better than viruses.

"Humans are like a virus."

Who is Agent Smith?

I thought that humans' main purpose is to rise above base instincts and achieve something bigger. Higher.

What is the tenets of Islam, Kabbalah (the Tree of Sefirot), Buddhism's Nirvana?

But I could be wrong. Cause I tend to reject Occam's Razor. I use Gillete Mach 3. I complicate things, fractalise them, cause it's much more fun that way.

So. I think I have done enough to clear my head. The 12noon meeting is not happening today. I will be too drowsy to say something clever.

But Roy, you're still coming here to pick up Chee's pomelos. And to take me out to the ATM machine.

To bed, to bed.

Dolce dommum.

What is hanging on top of Mole's bunk in Rat's house, in an illustrated version of Kenneth Grahamme's Wind in the Willows?