Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1000 Malaysia

Sat talking with people last night. We were of the same conclusion.

For example, in various parts of the country, there are Malay stalls on one side, Chinese stalls on the other. And one sole Indian flower stand somewhere at one corner.

So the Malays go to the Malay stalls, the Chinese go to Chinese stalls. And the Indian stall makes money when it is temple day. Or costume-party night.

Anyway, the Malays are divided into three.

Here are the conversations to be heard in the Malay side:

UMNO: KSU...blablabla...pucuk pimpinan...blablabla...mati pucuk.

PKR: Bontot Anwar best!

PIS: Masuk neraka! Hok ni, masuk neraka! Hok tu, masuk neraka!

Meanwhile, the kids who run away from home cause they were raped by their relatives or for whatever reason - economic, social or whatever the fuck - are ignored, going to and fro and becoming mat rempits and bohsias and bohjans and drug fuckers.

A man could be hacked to death in the middle of the road. Their response?

UMNO: Whoa! Telefon polis. KSU...blablabla...pucuk pimpinan...blablabla...mati pucuk.

PKR: Anwar Ronggeng!

PIS: Masuk neraka doh ni! Hok ni, masuk neraka! Hok tu, masuk neraka!

And you wonder why this country is fucked up? These fuckers are only interested in catching people doing the khalwat, or getting more money than them and whatever else. Why? Cause it makes their ego bigger. People are WRONG! They are RIGHT! And khalwat affords them to see BOOBIES!

So that even if they are losers in real life, they can still be RIGHT.

Coming from the Malay side of the divide, I can tell you Malay stories.

There were tales about how a girl, pregnant from her father and also abused by him, and ignored by the mother - cause the mother needs to keep the family together at ALL costs (takut malu) - went to the mosque to seek help.

The mosque people also did the same thing to her, sans the rape - maybe cause she looked ugly - and chased her out.

So she went to church, and they did not turn her out.

And then the mosque motherfuckers blame the Government, TV and condoms for turning Muslims away from their religion.

And we, WE the common folk just sit and watch.

UMNO: KSU...blablabla...pucuk pimpinan...blablabla...mati pucuk. Tongkat Ali!

PKR: Anwarrr ooooh! Anwarr ooooh! Pig-gasm!

PIS: Masuk neraka - yay! Masuk neraka - yay! Kita masuk neraka - yay!

Bodoh. Stupid.

We are so obsessed with finding the faults of other people that we don't even correct ours. We do not even take care of our own. How can this be 1Malaysia?