Sunday, May 3, 2009

I, Superhero

I have always maintained that politicians and politics have failed us all.

In a sense, this is true.

Caught up in their battles for power, influence, money and vagina, they have forsaken the true source of their mandate - the people. And I am not talking about the People's Front or the People's Back. Or people who think they are all people.

We, as a people, should start helping ourselves. You expect those bloated idiots in Toyota Camrys and Harriers to help us?

They can't even shave their fucking armpits! You expect them to help us all? To save us?


They would sooner dip into any funds they could find before they would help a starving villager. They would rather use scholarships to send their own children overseas than give it to the needy and the deserving.

Why? Because they are evil. And selfish. And petty.

But we should not let them off the hook. NEVER.

If one thing I've learned, from some of the greatest managers I have worked with, lazy, selfish people would infinitely love it if other people were to do their jobs for them.

They have no concept of belonging, of ownership to their jobs. Of duty and honour. These people will never be ashamed that other people are doing their jobs for them, for they have no shame.

These people, who would steal Milo from orphans are no better than monkeys. In fact, monkeys are a billion times better.

These people who abuse their powers for selfish reasons and ONLY think of themselves should be ISAed and killed.

We need to stop telling people what to do and do it ourselves, and at the same time, make sure that those people who were supposed to do their jobs actually do it.

Earn your fucking keep.

There must be balance in the farce!

And no matter how bad, NEVER do their jobs for them. Because this will feed their laziness and selfishness.

And we must be ever vigilant on our own matters and our own responsibilities as well.

There is so much we can do for our own communities. Fuck the politicians. People are lazy? Fuck 'em! People are selfish? Kiss my hairy ass.

If things go well in the next few months, I will finally get a chance to help people help other people.

Let's show the NGOs how it's fucking done.

I hate NGOs cause most are all talk, no action. Or, eksyen only.

I am sick and tired of seeing how bad it is in my village and other villages.

It's very simple. People need food. FOOD. Clothes. A roof over their heads. Perhaps a means to make more money for themselves. To be independent. For we are a proud people. Stupid, maybe. But proud all the same. There is a limit to how many handouts they can accept.

But it all starts, with FOOD.

Ungku Aziz wrote decades ago that one of the reasons kids in rural areas can't do shit at anything and end up loser slobs is because they did not have enough nutrition.

If you're hungry, you won't be able to study. Let alone, work to support your family.

People always say, the solution to everything is education.

He's starving? Here's some nice EDUCATION. Which could substitute for rice as a staple.

Mat rempits? Give 'em some EDUCATION.

Poor English? EDUCATION.

BEFORE giving them EDUCATION, they need food first, motherfucker!

I call upon my cult.

I call upon my alumni.

I call upon like-minded people.

I call upon different-minded people.

We need to take care of this bullshit plaguing our country cause there's no Gaia with five magic rings and Planeteers to assemble Captain Planet.

Few, or no politician will help us. What has PKR done? BN? DAP? PIS? They are only interested in themselves. SO let them die. FUCK OFF AND DIE. But let not the people die. The real people. Not the People's Front. Not the People's Back.

I summon thee!

Okay, so I got a few months to take care of my shit. I have scripts to do. Projects to complete. I will take care of myself first, as should all of you. You can't help people if your own shit is not in order.

When the time comes, I will flash the signal in the sky and I want you to come running. I am not asking you. I am giving you the opportunity to affect real change in this country, beyond party lines. Beyond race lines.

To smash poverty lines back to World War II.

If that makes me an idealist, then so be it. If I fail? Then so be it. The only people who would laugh at me are monkeys. So fuck you.

I come from a long line of failures. My grandfather failed to become a politician, even though a PM asked him to, cause he was more interested in durians. What the fuck?

My father failed to become a corrupt UMNO man cause he had, and still has, integrity. More than anyone else.

But hey.

Fuck all of that. Humans as a species might die off next year or next week. WHo knows?

But if we go down, let's go down fighting.

I know most of you are stupid, so let me do the thinking. Cause I'm a fucking genius and all.

I'll show you how it's done, and you do it, okay?

This is not politics. This is superheroics. Overly dramatic, but who gives a shit? As long as it works, I DO NOT GIVE A FLYING FUCK!

I am angry. Notice my brows. They are furrowed. Furrowed because I am angry!

Maddox, yo!

Save the villagers, save the world.