Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ancient Spirit of Evil

Many aeons ago, I dreamed a dream.

And that dream, was to be a multi-millionaire.

I don't need much. Just RM2 million.

After paying taxes and my insignificant debts, I will be left with around 1.4 million.

I was to invest the 1 million and never touch it. The other 400K? For downpayment of a car and a house and for my expenditure for the next four to five years.

I would move to Kuantan, my hometown, and finally learn the roads. I am VERY bad with directions. But I generally know where things are.

After four to five years, the 1 million will generate around 400-500K and I can start the cycle again. Repeat until I die.

Anyway, the point is, if anyone asks me about my agenda, that was it. That was everything. To go back to Kuantan and be a superhero.

I have raised funds before. There are lots of rich people in Malaysia, especially in KL. And there are lots of people looking to launder their money or whatever the fuck.

I can organise monthly fundraising drives and channel the funds back to Kuantan. For multiple projects. Some, no, most, would fail. But one or two will succeed.

The poor folk have skill. And the Government and the rich have money. But they have no one to manage the fucking projects, man.

You wouldn't believe the variety of projects the Government has started to try and help the poor.

Well-intentioned, badly-thought-up, badly-managed endeavours that eventually get swept away by floods and a flood of human stupidity. Sorry. Monkey stupidity.

They need someone like me. All brains and a loudmouth.

I know what needs to be done.

A non-profit grocery store, where the profits go back to the community. Doubling up as a food bank. With goodies bought by the rich people in the cities.

Fish farms handled by people who know what they're doing, and what needs to be done.

Farming projects that could sustain a thousand families for years, if not decades.

If I had 2 million, and used my ingenuity and resourcefulness to get the funds and the manpower as well as the brains to do these things, I believe the world could be saved.

For I can inspire thousands to do what I have done. Our people are good at copying. At imitating. At aping. Cause they're monkeys.

But I don't have two million dollars, with which to liberate me from these financial shackles and allow me to go to Thailand as and when I please. I don't even have one million.

God, in God's sick manner, plonked down a means for me to achieve this, without the two million.

So if you have the money, keep it. I don't need it.

It will be a long and slow process.

And there will be lots of failures.

But if I was ever afraid of failure, I wouldn't have been a writer in the first place.

I'm a gamblin', ramblin' man, motherfucker! I take ridiculous amounts of risk. Just because I can.

And I'm not RPK. I'm not running away, man. I'm here to stay. Give me your best shot.