Sunday, May 3, 2009


Some time ago, something was asked of me.

The first reaction I had, even though I know that reactions are bad, was fear. Then, doubt.

Doubt is good. Because doubt is humble.

I will carry doubt around. Always.

And then, I thought to myself, 'what is important?'

And the answer is, my answer is, 'nothing'.

For all the good money can bring us, it will eventually be nothing. When we die.

For all the respect, fake or real, that people shower us, in the end, on our death beds, it means nothing.

Health? Eventually, given a long enough timeline, everyone dies.

To compare our lives and the quality of our lives with other people's is simply feeding the ego.

"I know I'm fucked up, but at least I'm better than THAT guy."

What does that mean?

What would it mean, when we die? We all become worm food. Dust. And garbage. That's what we are.

Life is the ultimate democracy, because in the end, everyone dies. Everyone. No one you can bribe, no votes you can buy, no people you can lie to, no court you can run away from, that will save you from death.

So...why worry?

Wot, me worry?

MAD got it right.

And now, we have a choice.

We can wander around our lives, trying to be things we're not (better than other people) or we can just let go of the worry and take the reigns of the world. And enjoy it. Always, ALWAYS, enjoy it.

Cause it's all a big:






Fill in the blanks.

Aw, man, ain't nothing gonna stop me now.