Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Life-Threatening Problems

I am stuck at a crossroads.

I have been using Tomas Rosicky as my left midfielder.

Every season, he would score over 50 assists. And over 20 goals.

Now, he is over 30 years old and I am thinking whether I should sell him or just have him around till he retires.

I dunno.

I sold Thierry Henry, who scored over 60 goals for me every season.

Replaced him with Craig Lindfield who is now scoring over 100 goals a season.

Next in line to succeed Rosicky would be either Jose Reyes, Fran Merida or Sergio Tejera. All left and central-sided midfielders. Also, James Milner, who can play all sides.

I think I should also sell Reyes.

For my right flank, I have Theo Walcott, who is doing a fantastic job. To support him, I have Vincent Van der Bergh and Nacer Barazite.

And Lee Martin.

Next players I am making room for are: Denilson, Johan Djourou, Ben Sahar, Carlos Vela, Johnny Evans, Nickolas Bendtner and Vassiriki Abou Diaby.

I also got a bunch of youngsters I am blooding at League Cup and Club World Cup championships.

Reyes is too weak, stamina-wise. I can't use him for more than a few games before his fitness starts to go down.

Micah Richards and Daniel Agger and Slobodan Rajkovic are fantastic defenders. The latter two are the third highest scorers in the team.

I do need to find replacements for William Gallas, though. A utility defender.

My keeper is Cassilas and I have a teenage replacement lined up in Jamie Jones.

In a few years, he will be as good as Cassilas. If not better.

Man. Should I sell one of my stars?