Friday, February 1, 2013

Masters and Apprentices, Gods and Worshippers

This year, I celebrate 10 years of my career. Most of this was spent in the entertainment industry.

In my brief time in the industry, I can say that Malaysians are big on religion. I say this from the viewpoint that we treat everything as a religion.

We have this tendency to worship or follow people. We  put people on pedestals, and then we worship them. It is part of our culture. We find leaders and we latch on to them, wishing for other people to make decisions for us.

The completely unfair Malay stereotype of being lazy - as with any stereotype for any race - is grossly inaccurate. I believe though, that there is a culture here, in Malaysia, shared by all the races, of placing the burden of decision on one person or party and then blame that person or party.

I have met many people in places of power who simply refuse to make decisions because doing so would mean they will have to take responsibility for their actions.

I have seen people do this by delaying commitment to things,  tai-chi-ing stuff to other people, and I have listened to them all wail about how pitiful they are.

This is true ultimate laziness - an unwillingness to take responsibility for your life, your situation and your actions.

Instead, we became a subservient people who look up to superheroes and Emperors and God-suppositories  - I'm sorry, did I write God-suppositories? I meant God-representatives - as well as celebrities to represent us and do our dirty work for us.

I have decided long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadows. If I fail, if I succeed, at least I'll live as I believe.  Erm...

Anyway, I came to the conclusion around three years ago, to take my life into my own hands. Not 'take my life with my own hands', which is suicide, but to grab my balls and live. Or something.

I follow no one, I worship no human. I give thanks to those who helped me immensely along the way. Truly, without the help of other people, I would not survive to this day. However, my nature is to seek freedom from any and all things. I have my own vision, drive and goals for a future I will live in, and the only way for me to ensure it happens as I want it, is to take full responsibility for my actions and my actions alone.

I have no master. I'm a ronin, a masterless samurai.

I am also not responsible for other people. Girls who come to me asking 'to be taken care of' would only find that I can offer my dick and some money, and that is all. I refuse to subscribe to a culture of irresponsibility. And this is in an age where the most powerful person in Europe is a German woman - I am of course talking about Heidi Klum. She's German, right? It is a time when women are the majority in the US Government's House of Something or Congress, is it? While Hillary Clinton is set for a historic 2016 presidential campaign, women are now part of the US combat troops and not just Demi Moore.

I find it ridiculous and offensive that women would sully thousands of years of fight for equality by asking to be raped so they would not have to bear the sin of sex. But who cares? Not my problem.

I can feel the power moving within me once more, and the shift that made this possible is simply a decision to take matters into my own hands. I will become my own master, and learn from myself. I am, after all, the greatest mind of the 21st Century.