Friday, February 22, 2013

I Would Like to Thank the Academy

I have often written about the darkness of man - the idiots and monkeys who pepper my life's landscape. But I must say that I could not have survived this far without the help of many who genuinely helped me along the way.

I am the most arrogant man on earth, but I am far from delusional like the monkeys and idiots.

When people help you out - genuine help - they want nothing in return, not even proper thanks. There are no agenda, hidden or obvious.

I have met millionaires and billionaires who have helped me out, spent time with me and stuff, without having any particular use for me. There's no practical reason for them to extend a hand or show me the right direction.

I believe these people like helping other people. Those who do offer assistance are often those in a state of abundance. They are in a positive situation, and therefore, they extend their happiness and positivity easily to others.

There are also people who are so fucked up in their lives, and yet offer their help genuinely. I am often humbled when some of my neighbours helped out my family even though their shitty lives and existence would warrant them free reign to be selfish and bitter.

I have experienced people who made RM400 a month with 8 people in their household, do extreme chores for my land without asking for pay. Even when offered, some have refused payment, prompting me to go to town and buy groceries for them, as their religion forbids them from wasting food and resources, if offered.

In my career so far, I would not have been able to do what I have done, without the kind assistance, guidance and sometimes interference from some people. I am blessed to have angels and demons watching over me, sometimes. I am not gloating - merely grateful.

For example, recently I have been contacted by some headhunters who offered me jobs based on recommendations of other people. I have my own path set for now, so I extended the favour by introducing other candidates to the headhunters as I am not pursuing that path. When others show you kindness, it is the least you could do to pay it forward.

There have also been those who helped me in less subtle ways. Those who came forward in my hour of need, and my hours of being needy, and would disappear as soon as I get my strength or confidence back. There were also those who share their insights and ideas so freely, and I always appreciate them.

Recently, I gave some of my best ideas to some people. A few of my friends questioned my actions, asking why I should share my ideas with other people?

"Let them die," they said.

Well, first off, their life and death are not mine to decide. It is entirely theirs.

Secondly, I have more than enough great ideas to last me more than a lifetime. There is not enough time for me to execute everything I could think off, beyond several decades or even centuries. I have more than enough, so I share it with others.

Thirdly, I share ideas because I believe ideas should be shared. I believe that we need to do this in order to make the world a better place. I have gleaned so much information from people, websites and books that share ideas freely. Ideas are infinite, it's the execution that will determine everything.

Ideas are my gift. My curse, though, is that no one ever listens to me. It is sometimes frustrating because I am the Greatest Mind of the 21st Century, but only sometimes. I keep a lookout for my own desires to change the world and to change people, because that road only ends in despair.

And finally, no matter how many great or good ideas there are, the condition of the world is entirely dependent on the small choices people make every day. I hope it is mainly positive.

I do believe in maintaining a positive outlook on life, without being delusional about it. The easiest person you can lie to is yourself, and I do have a support structure that keeps me honest. I have not and will not lie, because the sanctity of information channels is the lifeblood of what I do and what I love.

So how do I end this? Maybe with a cryptic poem by Neil Gaiman:

Flowers gathered in the morning
Afternoon they blossom on
Still are withered in the evening
You can be me when I am gone

There. It means nothing now, but it will be everything very soon.