Saturday, May 9, 2009


Politics is like professional wrestling. They pose a lot, get people to be emotional, touch as well as embrace each other and usually ends in a homo-erotic pin.

The recent main event in Perak shows, without any doubt, that using professional wrestling to get 'better governance' is, ultimately, stupid.

The fuck is this shit, man?

Are these the people we want to handle all our administrative duties? People who can't take the high road and discuss shit instead of shouting at each other and making fools of themselves and of the country, and humans as a species?

I can see chimpanzees, looking at news reports of the Perak debacle and feeling good about their future and of taking over the world. Hell, do a street-poll on cockroaches and some might say, "Who needs nuclear bombs?"

Humans have devolved into base creatures - politicians.

Before life on earth crawled on their bellies to land from the primordial soup, they were water creatures all of them. And before that, they were politicians.

It is interesting to see how far the humans have destroyed billions of years of evolution in just a handful of months.

I don't care which side of the political divide you are on. You are all fucking lower than monkeys. You sicken me. You make me want to puke.

And yet you entertain me.

Dance, motherfucker dance!

My ego is so big, now that it can see other people as stupid.

Thank you for the entertainment. And thanks for making me look good.