Sunday, May 10, 2009

Live from Kuantan

Am now in the dining area, with my laptop on the dining table, my USB keyboard, USB mouse and Maxis Broadband modem in front of me.

I read about the Perak shit with disdain. The royals told off Nizar, with the MIC STILL ON, and the Perasan Rakyat people still trying to spin it their way.

The PM released 13 more ISA detainees and gets lambasted, also by Perasan Rakyat spinners, who are - it seems - genuinely worried that if Najib ever abolishes ISA, they would run out of things to complain about.

I would like to tell these people: don't worry. People like you will always find things to bitch about. It is human nature to never be satisfied with what you have.

You'll always covet your neighbours' wives (yeah, double plural) and you'll always wish you're as cool as me.

I just had some bread that was almost as fantastic as Roti Sungai Lembing. This warrants further investigation.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try and find some crabs. Maybe prawns as well. Seafood, yo!

I grew up near a swamp, but I am a bit disgusted with leeches and slugs and worms. I have intuitive aptitude and empathic mimicry, meaning as soon as I see something, I immediately imagine what it would be like inside their heads.

For now, I got a book to my left - a tome, in fact - and a notebook opened on my lap. I am going to do some work.

More updates later.