Monday, May 4, 2009

Method, Madness, Mayhem

I just paid my rent and my bills as well as some of my parents' bills. All through Maybank2U.

Chee dropped for a visit and left me some kind of Perak food or something. Ate almost half of it, but don't think I can finish the whole thing.

He also left in my care, two pomelos for Roy and wife. I know you're reading this, so come and get it before two days are up. The pomelos will ripen in 48 hours and if you guys don't collect, I'm gonna eat it myself.

Was talking to Chee, and he was surprised when I made the observation that mosques in Malaysia generally don't hold charity shit like churches and temples.

Chee: They don't, meh?

Me: Well, not all of them. And when I was going to the mosque around a decade ago, all they had were political talks, and old guys sitting around and telling each other how Islam is under threat from the Juwes and the non-Malays.

I heard from friends that it's the same in other places, as well.

Politics, racism and religious fanaticism. A potent combination. That's one of the reasons I stayed away from mosques in the first place. Or any other places of worship, for that matter.

Cause if people start preaching hate and start judgementally high-fiveing each other on how good they were as compared to pagans and monkeys, I don't know what kind of God they're worshipping.

Allah? Jesus? Buddha? You sure? I thought there were no Gods in Buddhism?

I don't want to end up finding Satan or its female counterpart - Satin - in a place of worship one day. I already see him in dreams.

Perhaps there is a means to salvage the reputation of the mosques and Islam. And perhaps other religions, too.

Mmm. Food for thought. As I eat this thing Chee brought me. Man, I feel like Zhuge Liang.