Monday, May 4, 2009

The 10 Scene Break

Just finished 10 scenes, so am having a break.

Heroes is finished.

The finale for this season sucks ass.

What I can't understand is why, with all that power, the only character using it for anything good is Sylar.

I remember watching an old episode of Spider-Man animation in the 90s. There was one villain whose power was simply morphing into anyone he wants. He doesn't imitate powers, just their appearance. It wasn't Mysterio. It was somebody else.

Anyway, I love it when writers show how a simple ability like that can be expanded into something really, REALLY threatening. Real trouble for Spidey.

Lost is still good. After a lukewarm second season, that had almost all new characters killed off (except for Benjamin Linus - my favourite bastard - and Desmond Hume) anyway, this series is fucking fantastic.

I read a recent issue of Wired where Lost creator JJ Abrams was its guest editor. He had this thing, this Jonesing for puzzles and mysteries.

Like Gaiman said, it's the mystery that remains forever. Explanations sometimes just ruin things.

You need to go and solve the puzzles yourself.

Oh well.

Time to get back to work.