Friday, May 8, 2009

In the End

Okay, I just need a break, man.


Slow down.

Breathe in.

I call forth the power of Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou - the greatest shoujo anime (anime for girls) of all time.

Let's look at the female characters.

Miyazawa Yukino?

Cute? Yes. Loyal? Yes. Supportive? Sometimes, but is pretentious and a hypocrite. Conceited and loves money and attention.



Cute? Yes. Loyal? Yes. But jealous as hell. Spoiled brat.

AHHH! Why do good characters always have flaws? And why do characters who are supportive generally don't say anything? They just shut up or become yes-people.

Like, Synergy. From Jem.

Look, I know the character has to be supportive. Somewhat. A supportive Samantha? Would that work?

There was one or two episodes in Sex and the City, when Samantha was supportive of people.


Kind Samantha. Without the sex-addiction, of course. Yeah, yeah, but a kind-hearted Samantha. A vulnerable Samantha.


No. This character wants to be its own person. Who am I to say no? Ah, hell, what the fuck.

I'll just do it.