Friday, May 8, 2009

Eli Wong's Nekkid Photos



Flava Flav!

Man, I got friends with years worth of porn. Meaning, if I were to sit down and watch his stash, from beginning to end, it could take me more than a year. I don't need this shit, aight?

I don't care what happened, and who did it. The boyfriend? BN? Hillside developers? PR (for promotional purposes)? Eli herself (for sympathy and arousal, though I doubt that)?

I do not give a shit.

The photos were horribly taken. Taking bad porn photos should be a felony.

I mean, there are tons of porn on the Internet. Good quality porn, with great production value.

Who the fuck gives a shit about a politician's alleged snatch?

Now, don't resign, Eli. I don't give a shit if you have a dick. I don't care if your vagina has teeth. Cause I'm not fucking you. But don't quit while there are hillside developments to destroy.