Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Avengers Assemble

I have received mail concerning the initiative I proposed several posts down - to make for a better country, transcending political, race and religious lines.

Some of you asked when and how you can participate.

Let me assure you that when the time comes, I will turn on the bat-signal. And you all come running.

For now, I am taking care of my shit. I got my work, and a court case to prepare for. Court case cause I'm a CRIMINAL!

This WILL happen, but I cannot say as to the quantum. It could be big - a huge national-level or global undertaking, or it could just be me and a few non-NGO NGOs.

I would need some monetary contributions, routed via several foundations I have identified, volunteers, and other stuff.

I am hoping that my cult can provide me with most of the stuff I need, as well as reliable man-power.

But the whole point of it, honestly, is to get the whiners to go and do something and have a better understanding of what the fuck is going on in this country.


Just wait for the bat-signal.