Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pseudo-Intellectualism: Dick

Taking a break from work, I couldn't help but make an observation that people put so much expectations on political figures and politics.

High expectations, even bigger letdown.

I am of the belief that Governments and leaders exist in support of normal people.

My grandfather often drove home this point.

He would ask me, when I was very young, "Who are the Government? What is the Government?"

And I'd say, "The Prime Minister? Dr M? UMNO?"

He'd roundhouse kick me and say, "No. We are the Government. We govern ourselves. So we are the Government."

So when some people asked me to 'fight the Government', I declined, because I have no interest in fighting myself.

Those people we see in Parliament, in the Houses, the Cabinet and whatever are merely the administrators of the Government. And as you can see in Internet forums and message boards, Admins merely lay down the rules. It is up to the members to create the content and ensure that the community stays alive and exciting.

The over-emphasis on the elected representatives is a waste, in my opinion. Any society and community ultimately depends on the actions of each individual that builds up into something, like a crescendo. I see things as a bottoms-up approach rather than a top-down shit.

It is not an accurate representation, but I have seen the problems with a top-down model in my village.

Over the years, the state Government has poured in money to start numerous projects. They provided what they THOUGHT would work, based on what they ASSUMED the people would do.

Some of these projects did not succeed the way they envisioned it because of low participation from the people.

Instead, I believe if there was a movement from individuals, growing into groups of individuals, supported by the financial and legislative muscle of the Government, some projects could have been executed better.

Therefore, the key to saving the world lies not with the politicians, but with each and every one of us. Everyone gets to vote, every day, with their actions, their words and most importantly, their work.

Turn in poor work, run away from your responsibilities, and you vote for a poor world, an irresponsible world. Do it right, as well as you can, and you are contributing towards a more perfect creation.

I have never been to Japan, but I have watched a lot of documentaries about that nation. In one Japan in Focus documentary about making lunch, one guy said that if he didn't do his lunch properly, with pride and passion, some guy's lunch or breakfast would be ruined and he, in turn, will ruin some other dude's day. And the next, and so on and so forth.

In Buddhism, it is said that everything is connected.

So the steps towards a better existence lies in the small strokes and little actions and decisions we make that will cumulate as a whole.

Not with politicking. Not with politicians.

So when I fuck, I make sure each stroke is fantastic for both me and the slut-ho whore-priestess who is the receptacle of my dick.

In conclusion, I'm a great fucker who knows how to use his dick.