Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This is not a Thai prostitute. This is Jeerawan - a Thai girl with views against prostitution.

I find a growing number of younger Thais sharing her stand. I wish to neither support nor condemn these opinions. It is a Thai matter and best left to the Thais to sort out.

What I do believe in is perhaps the regulation of prostitution worldwide. Legalising prostitution and establishing it as a legit industry (at several billion dollars if not more annual worth, it better be a legit industry) and allowing Governments to tax it properly will perhaps result in better working conditions for hos.

And I'm all for the hos.

Femi-Nazis would want to ban it altogether. Which is why it is officially illegal almost everywhere. However, as what happened during the prohibition with alcohol consumption and distribution, prostitution and human-trafficking has become a major source of income for lots of mobsters and mafia-types.

The working conditions and sex education of hookers has also not been organised properly. Many a times, I was approached for BBBJ - bare back blow jobs and bare back sex. Which means oral sex and sex without condoms, respectively.

This is highly dangerous as these women work in Type-E HIV infected areas. Type-E is the most virulent and dangerous strain of HIv known to man.

What would be good is if the hookers can unionize themselves to protect them from evil pimps.

In South American countries, prostitutes have banded together to form associations to ensure their rights and well-being are protected. One association even plays football matches with the policewomen's association.

The secret to destroying prostitution, I got from a prostitute herself. She is of the opinion that if the Government were to address poverty and focus on the lower levels of the proletariat economic sectors, things would efinitely change and she would not have to take off her g-string for RM2.

Anyway, I am not a full prostitute. Not yet. So it is really not my place to say anything but - man this girl's hot.

Hot hot hot HOTAS! Hands On Throttle And Stick!

I just would love to fuck her brains out. Or her sister.