Monday, April 6, 2009


If you ask me, the BEST journalist ever - the ideal journalist - is Spider Jerusalem.

And he doesn't exist. No. Not really.

He is a comics character. In Warren Ellis' Transmetropolitan series.

Upon the victory of the politician dubbed 'the Beast' as the President of USA, Jerusalem wrote a 50,000 word article consisting only of the word 'Fuck'.

Jerusalem sought the company of hookers, smoked like a chimney, drank every kind of alcoholic beverage known to man, and indulged in recreational drug use.

He brought down two presidents - the Beast and the Smiler - despite being cast off from his newspaper and finding refuge in The Hole - a feedsite that primarily sells porn.

Some things Jerusalem did can't and shouldn't be done in real life.

One of them being having a small part in instigating demonstrations that lead to the shooting of students not unlike the Kent State Massacre.

We should all take heed that any sort of politicking - on any side - run the risk of having people die.

And for what? Lofty, ephemereal ideals that change over time, every time?

Some people, it seems, would not stop until some people DO die. They're out for blood.

And if there's one thing I've learned from comics is that one of the worst, evil crimes ever is to incite and delude people to die for hypocritical and misguided ideals.

Batman, as observed by Superman in Kingdom Come, "is simply a man who does not want to see other people die."

There is always a better way to do things. Smart, efficient ways, that do not necessarily end up with people dead in the streets.

If some people tell you otherwise, they are lying. Quite possibly, they have a bloodlust and want to see people dead. They are sadistic and selfish.

They think it's cool for OTHER people to die for their hazy causes.

If they really think that their causes are so great, and that people should lay their lives for it, then they should be the first ones dead because of it. They should be the first ones to die in the name of their cause.

But, ask yourselves. Are they?

If the answer is no, if they are still alive, then do not sacrifice your lives for them.

They simply want to manipulate you, your friends and your family.

If they are true to their cause, they should die for it. The leaders should die first.

I call for their suicides. But they are too chicken-shit to actually sacrifice themselves, preferring to use other people. And this underlines their cowardly, lying nature.

Me? I'd die for what I believe in. In a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I don't believe in you. Or your stupid ideals.