Monday, April 6, 2009

Boron the Adventurer

I was waiting for an online conference with a foreign director when a thunderstorm started.

I had to turn off my PC and disconnect the plug. I have a phobia of lightning or rather, a fear of electronic devices getting struck by lightning in my vicinity.

This has happened before.

My village has mineral deposits in the ground. So our TV set was struck a few times, as were a few nightlights and even a table fan.

Am reading Locke and Key - a comic book by Joe Hill. Hill is actually Stephen King's son, and judging by his work here, is the rightful heir to King's throne.

I used to love reading Stephen King. Up till Insomnia and several other long novels.

King's long novels seem padded with stuff. It's like eating a really huge burger.

Most of my favourite writers eventually bore me.

Gaiman was good, and could do no wrong, until American Gods and Anansi Boys.

Moore was untouchable until Lost Girls.

Anyway, Hill has learned a few tricks from King. He might hate it to be compared to his father, but I find his work to be reminiscent of what I used to like so much with King.

1. Kids + ghosts = scary.

2. Parents and older people ALWAYS have secrets.

3. Teenagers are always troubled.

Most of King's more effective tales dealt with children, old people and dysfunctional adults.

These people live in a world dominated by other people - normal people. And then, after learning to play by the 'normal' rules, they find a rich vein of the Supernatural and the spooky.

It is, I believe, King's formula. And it has worked well for him. I would love to see Hill surpassing his father.

I hate formulas. I do not like formulaic stuff. But if that's what is asked for, then 'would you like fries with that?'.

The thunder and the lightning has subsided.

Should be anytime now.