Saturday, September 8, 2012

The KL 48Hour Film Project

I'm joining this thing. It's the KL48 Hour Film project. It's a thing where you go and do a short film over 48 hours.

The project is to get teams to do a short film in 48 hours. If I understand the rules correctly, the genre will be given randomly at the start (along with a prop, a line of dialogue and a character) and all creative work has to be done within 48 hours.

It's been filling my mind after work and during lunch time. I still dedicate the rest of my day to work, though, because I can't drop the ball with my bread and butter. Work has developed quite okay anyway and I think we are making progress.

Anyway, I have found three people who are confirmed to be on my team. There's a dude who has only done corporate videos and proposals - a friend from my days in UM, another old friend who has collaborated with me on scripts for TV shows, as well as a young guy who has all the spirit in the world. The young dude also has more experience directing than any of us. It's also a nice departure from some of us who are jaded about a lot of things.

There are talks of an actor, but I have not met him yet.

Tomorrow, I shall meet a potential actress-slash-editor for lunch. I hope she joins. There's another girl who can do some blase expressions which would be great for a number of stories.

We are compiling our equipment list, to prepare for any number of genres. I have also scouted some locations, briefly. I wanted even to do a short before the thing starts but after reading this:

I am afraid we might be disqualified if we do another short beforehand as it can be considered 'rehearsing' even though we come up with totally different shorts, for different genres. I think it is best to avoid that altogether.

I think I should curb my enthusiasm and simply scout the locations next weekend again. That's allowed under the rules and as first-timers, I want to know as much as I can before doing anything. The locations would mostly be our own homes, and I want to see what we have there. Maybe a bike or a car or some shit.

The random genres, plus the prop and character and line of dialogue means we can't write any story before we even do the thing. I heard from some participants that everything gets thrown out the window as soon as the period starts.

Seeing the quality of work some teams have managed before this, I don't think we have a chance of winning or getting placement, with over half the team being inexperienced in shorts. I think the best we are aiming for is a weekend of fun and the knowhow of doing a creative film project.

This takes a load off our shoulders, I believe, and makes the damn thing even more exciting. If we manage a half-decent effort, I'll submit it to any place that accepts short films. If the effort sucks, then it sucks and we'll just upload it on YouTube for our own wanking.

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