Friday, September 14, 2012

Flu Fighter: Weight-Loss Version

I have the flu and therefore, I left early today to spend some time resting at home. The meds I took make me  sleepy and snappy.

I am also adjusting my diet to accommodate the flu. When the virus hits, I sneeze and cough a lot, meaning there is a lot of loss of fluid. I am drinking lots of warm water and taking vitamins to ensure I don't lose too much nutrients.

I am suspending the taking of psyllium husk as it expels a lot of water from the body. Yes. Management of fluids in my body is of utmost priority.

I have two boxes of tissue paper - which might last me for two days, and enough supply of cough medication  till tomorrow. Bena-expectorant shuts down parts of my brain, allowing me to sleep. Actifed is a drowsy flu med that also knocks me out.

For food, I am taking oats and bread, for the duration of this flu. High-fiber wholegrain bread dipped in soup means I also get more fluids from there.

My mother sent me a package containing sambal ikan bilis from Kuantan, but they timed it wrong and I will probably only get it on Tuesday. I hope the entire thing is not spoiled. If part of it has mold, I would have to throw out the entire thing because the toxin is already in it.

And for some reason, they couriered it to my office despite me giving them my house address.

Meanwhile, the KL 48 Hour Short Film Project is still on. The location we were supposed to get has cancelled, probably because of faulty wiring. I don't like to speculate, but I doubt we would even need that location anyway. I thought it was a good way to promote the damn thing after it being something that is now lost to my and subsequent generations.

Oh well. Time for Detective Conan!