Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I just took some colleagues to watch the movie 29 Februari. Remy Ishak is a big hit with the ladies.

Then I went to meet with an equally aspiring filmmaker, for our KL 48 hour film project thing. I wanted to know what is available in terms of equipment, the kinds of shots he could do, manpower, props, and what we have access to.

I have some ideas as to locations, and will be making some phone calls tomorrow. I hate filling in forms, so I asked my friend to do it, offering in return, some cash for costumes. This also makes me the executive producer of a probably 5-minute short film.

We're thinking of doing a totally irrelevant short, as practice. Maybe two weeks from now? It is to get the team together and see how fast we and our equipment can do things.

I'm sure that anything we plan will be thrown out the window come October, but it's nice to plan things.

Then I went home, was sent a link to another review of 29 Februari, and is now getting ready for bed. I believe that the best response for the movie was two girls sharing a topless pix of Remy Ishak. I think he has done a good job - for the movie and avoiding getting fat.

I need to finish some writing by this week, but sleep and rest come first.

For now, there is the daily porn.