Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tales from the Drunk Side: Hate on Me

People who pile on the hate are rank amateurs.

Me, I'm a professional hater. I am the Lord of Destruction. By sheer force of my hating, I can kill and destroy worlds.

The only reason I don't hate anymore is because I am busy. I am busy enjoying myself, so why the fuck should I hate?

Furthermore, after bringing down one Government, what else can I do? Do you really think focusing on individuals will give me the same satisfaction as an entire country's administration?

Nah, man. I'm all Zen now. Cause they can't fight space. I don't even use tai-chi. I am the emptiness that is space.

People come at me, and I am nothing.

Panting, they say, "You are nothing."


And they puke blood.

When you have no desire for anything, there is nothing they can control you with. So you can be free.