Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Everything is always a cycle of destruction and creation.

I am currently editing what was sent to me by other writers, before I can send them to the people who are waiting for it.

Same thing with perception, businesses, countries, Governments or whatever else. Always, the same cycles are evident.

You love a new starlet. You take him/her to heights he/she has never reached before. And then, inexplicably, you destroy them.

Humans are weird.

Anyway, in all these cycles, I have always believed that we have choices.

Either you become a victim, a villain or Sigurd the Volsung - a hero. Most people opt for door number one.

It is safe to be a victim. Because the power, and ultimately, the responsibility, is not yours.

But as Lady Heather from CSI puts it, it is the submissive that holds true power. For with a single word, the actions can be stopped. The roles can be reversed, if needed.

So there is no solace. No comfort in being a victim, either.

The truest of all choices, is to either be a hero or a villain. Or an anti-hero. Or an anti-villain.

There is so much power. So much that one can do. Fuck off everyone and everything else.

I will not be a victim anymore.

I am Sigurd the Volsung. Gilgamesh at Uruk. Odin, Loki and Thor. Maybe Baldur. First, Second (or Just-As-Great) and Third. I am Beowulf.

I am the Bull of Heaven. I am Lilith. I am Grendel and Grendel's mother. I am the Beast of London. I am the Juwes whose name shall not be in vain.