Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Secret Wars

I read with interest one person's account of how he is shaking in his pants at 'death threats' allegedly thrown by alleged pro-BN bloggers. And that a declaration of war has been made.

I was like, wut?

If there is a war, I need to break out my spear. My heriditary battle spear which killed a man before.

I got the full story from my parents.

The spear, which now is in my room, and is promised to me, belonged to my great grandfather.

During one neighbourhood watch thing, one guy lunged at him, perhaps as a joke, and accidentally fell on the spear, which also seemed to be a joke. Until he stopped breathing and bled to death.

Oh well.

To everyone involved, I would like to say what Black Bolt - leader of the Inhumans said(even though he is mute by choice cause a single workd could destroy the world): "Relax."

And at that, I leave you with some Inochi-kun.