Saturday, May 2, 2009

Infinite Crisis

Apparently, one of the big news circulating among Malaysian SoPo bloggers are the revelations of the identities of A Voice and Big Dog by Sakmongkol AK47.

After reading everything, I am only concerned about one thing:

Do you think people know who I am?

Oooh, man. I'm so fucking worried right now. What if people know that The Malay Male is in fact, A___ H_____?

My God, man. I really have to watch what I say. One of these days, they might just find out my real name! My favourite food, the actress I want to fuck, what I do for a living and even how many thousands of girls I fucked.


This is a crisis!

What if they find out my secret identity? I might either have to be:

a. Fully accountable for what I write

b. Make sure that anything I write cannot be charged in the court of law, and even if it did, there are avenues for full deniability.


c. Stop blogging altogether.


I would have to be...gulp...responsible!

If they know who I am, I am finished!

Oh noeeees!!!