Monday, May 4, 2009

In Defence of Stupidity

Lots of people look down on stupidity, but I believe, as the world's leading psycho-historian, that stupidity has its own merits.

I mean, George W Bush was elected prezodent TWICE because he connected to the stupid in all Americans.

The entire golbal entertainment industry is based on being stupid.

Look at our own politicians. Anwar? Sept 16?

Discrediting stupidity is just stupid. It can be used for many things like full deniability.

"Why did you claim ethnic cleansing?"

"I dunno. Duhhhh. Maybe because I is stupids?"

"Why did you claim to be unafraid of death and then run away from being arrested which you said could lead to said death?"


"Why do you cry freedom of speech, when you are also trying to block other people's freedom of speech as well?"


Indeed, stupidity has its uses and to disregard it is ultimately, stupid.